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Personal Injury

Personal injury is an injury to the body, mind or emotions — as opposed to an injury to property.

Alcohol-Related Arizona Lawyers

Alcohol and motor vehicles are a dangerous combination, and the leading cause of fatal car crashes in Arizona.

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Bar Room Liability Arizona Lawyers
Bar Room Liability

Those that drink, and the bars who serve them, are liable for any damage, injury, or death that they may cause.

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Dietary Supplements Lawsuits Arizona
Dietary Supplements

Dangerous "all-natural" supplements may cause liver damage, heart problems, strokes, cancer, or even death.

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Motor Vehicle Crashes Arizona Lawyers
Motor Vehicle Crashes

Automobile crash injury results in death and untold suffering to hundreds of people in Arizona each year.

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Pharmaceutical Injury Arizona Lawyers
Pharmaceutical Injury

Drug manufacturers that fail to warn of the dangerous drug side effects, may be liable for your injuries.

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Product Liability Arizona Lawyers
Product Liability

Victims of defective, unsafe or dangerous products have legal rights. Product liability law protects those rights.

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State Liability Claims Arizona Lawyers
State Liability Claims

The State of Arizona has the responsibility to keep its streets and highways reasonably safe for its trusting citizens to travel.

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Professional Negligence

Professional negligence is a breach of the duty of care between professionals and their clients.

Child Abuse or Neglect Arizona Lawyers
Child Abuse or Neglect

Our children are our most precious resource. Their schools and caregivers owe them the highest duty of care.

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Medical Malpractice Arizona Lawyers
Medical Malpractice

Most medical malpractice cases involve medical errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or health management.

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Professional Negligence Arizona Lawyers

When professionals fail to provide you with minimum of care, they become liable for professional negligence.

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Vulnerable Adult Arizona Lawyers
Vulnerable Adult

Those with a duty to provide care for a vulnerable adult are legally required to act in a responsible manner.

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Insurance Claims

Insurance bad faith is when an insurance company fails in their duty of good faith and fair dealing to the persons they insure.

Insurance Bad Faith attorney Phoenix, Arizona
Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies legally owe you a duty of good faith and fair dealing when processing your claim.

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